Any gift, Any time, Any where

gift friends, charities or creative artists anytime! It’s simple.

cashless vendor

Gifts can be redeemed at any vendor that accepts cashless payments.

I’m talking Instant worldwide gifts!

gifting onni

So you can connect to those

special moments even when you can’t be there!

redeem gifts

We support birthday surprises

for those who are not with you 🙁

Or just let people know you care.

Imagine … 

Your best friend is having a tough day. It’s their first birthday since moving to New York to chase their dream.

With Onni you can cheer them up instantly with one of those crazy coffees with all the whipped cream and sprinkles and stuff.

BAMM, they love those!

About Us Onni



Support your favourite

(CDs are dead)

Donate to awesome charities

(Verified, so you know they’re legit)

Reward your staff, clients, or customers

(Show your appreciation instantly)

meet the team

Gordon Timm
Onni team Sam

Crash Downes

Head of Brand

Anna onni team

Anna Avagyan

Project manager

Gurgen Hovhannisyan

System Engineer

Samvel Manukyan

Flutter Developer

Greta Movsesyan

Web Developer

Harut Melqonyan

Harut Melqonyan 

Backend Developer

lian yengoyan

Liana Yengoyan

UI/UX Designer


Angela Avetisyan

QA Engineer

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